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RT___Block: For Model Loco Rejuvenation. Qty1 Only

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Dangerous Magnets Ltd is your helpful & reputable source for incredibly strong neodymium magnets that NEVER WEAKEN WITH AGE.

I am a scrupulously honest trader.

- Keep from children! If 2 or more are swallowed they can lethally puncture gut walls.
- The material is brittle so it can chip or break if magnets crash together. Eye protection advised.
- Neodymium Magnets can pinch skin; larger ones can crush fingers and cut clothing.
- For sensitive devices, eg credit cards & pacemakers, keep at a distance where the field is negligible.


This neodymium magnet is purpose-made for replacing the weak magnet in certain model electric loco motors, such as Hornby Dublo 3-track. (Possibly other models too, eg Triang X03 & X04.)

For a Bo-Bo loco, and possibly other models, use one of my D8x8 mm magnets, + steel spacing washers. I am likely to have a magnet suitable to rejuvenate most locos.

The original loco magnets were far weaker "ferrite" magnets, which grew weaker still over time, until the loco became unusable. Re-magnetising them had limited success. Neodymium magnets are the perfect solution. They are 10 times stronger than the originals, and don't weaken over time. They make a loco run fantastically, better than brand new!

Replacement is simple, by removing a few screws.


- Quantity: a single magnet. (Packs of 4 also available; cheaper per magnet.
- Rectangular block shape: 12.7 x 9.5 x 13.34 mm.
- A 2.4 mm diameter mounting hole is drilled through to joining the poles on the smallest faces.
- Magnet Grade: GENUINE N45
- Direct pull to each other or to steel plate: Over 6 kg


- Holders, eg for tools.
- School or University science projects.
- Clamp components while adhesive cures.

For my 45+ other sizes of magnet click "Sellers Other Listings" or search “Dangerousmagnet”. For a list without duplication, that takes you to Trademe auctions:

Item Code: Block Magnet for Trains. Qty 1.